ESMBA Insurance Scheme

Insurance for ESMBA affiliated Clubs, Leagues and Counties

In order to help you access wide-ranging, yet competitively-priced Civil (including Public/Products) Liability and bowls equipment and/or trailer insurance for your short mat bowls club; we’ve teamed up with bowls insurance specialist, Sutton Winson.
Sutton Winson has negotiated a number of enhancements with insurer, Allianz, in addition to the usual public and product liability, equipment and trailer cover included within most policies. 
For example, there’s ‘member to member’ cover and financial protection against professional liability, abuse defence and libel & slander should the need arise.
A money/assualt section is now available to cover club cash and assault on club officers whilst they have cash in their possession. Allianz have also added Employers Liability cover for Club/County officers.

And the restrictions surrounding theft or malicious damage to equipment have been removed so it’s no longer necessary for premises to have British Standard locks or padlocks.
It’s no surprise to find Sutton Winson has been supporting the bowling community with insurance provision, sponsorship and targeted donations for nearly 30 years.  It’s with this experience and knowledge that we have formed this partnership, so we can now offer these policy benefits to ESMBA members.

Despite offering more,the insurance cost for your short mat club is £32 for Civil Liability and £15.00 per £1,000 of equipment and/or trailer cover, £8.50 per £300 Cash Cover. 


The master policy runs from 1st March to 28th February.  If cover is taken out after 1st March, the full annual premium is payable and it will run up to 28th February

We’re also making it easier for you to arrange your cover – you can access a Cover Summary, Frequently Asked Questions, the Policy Wording, an Application Form and Sutton Winson’s Terms of Business Agreement online.

So whether you’re a Club, League or County Association, you’ll have peace of mind that your club, its members and assets are covered and if you do have to make a claim, Sutton Winson will guide you through the process.  In a recent survey, 97% of clients were satisfied or very satisfied with its claims service – proof indeed we’re with a safe pair of hands.

To arrange cover please complete the attached application form and return to : -  Sutton Winson Ltd, 



Tel:                 0844 815 0115

Address          Sutton Winson Ltd, c/o Claire Weston, Greenacre Court, Station Road, Burgess Hill, West Sussex, RH15 9DS.





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POLICY WORDING                                                   CLICK HERE


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 Sutton Winson Ltd is authorised and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority (No 310883).  A member of the Sutton Group.  Registered Office: St James House, Grosvenor Road, Twickenham, Middlesex, TW1 4AJ.  Registered in England 546706.


For further information about Sutton Winson Ltd, their terms of business, complaints and commendation procedures please go to:

Members of ESMBA affiliated clubs, leagues and counties can now access Home, Car and Travel insurance backed up by great customer service from the ESMBA Insurance provider, Sutton Winson. For more details


  1. The ESMBA is introducing a Loan Scheme to assist member Counties and Clubs.  The Scheme is intended primarily to provide finance to assist in the purchase of equipment, but applications for finance for other purposes connected with the game of Short Mat Bowls will be considered.


  1. An individual loan will be limited to a maximum of £2,000 or to 75% of the total cost of the project, whichever is the smaller.  Where grant aid or other loans are being obtained, the ESMBA loan will be limited to 75% of the balance after deduction of the grant aid or other loan(s)


  1. A County Association may only have one loan in operation at any time.


  1. Applications will be dealt with in order of receipt. Where applications for loans exceed the amount available to be loaned, then priority will be given to applicants who have not received a loan in the past.


  1. Applications for loans to Clubs will be considered, but the application must be made via the County Association.  The loan will be made to and must be guaranteed by the County Association.


  1. The loans will be interest free but there will be an administration fee of £10 for each loan.


  1. Where the purpose of the loan is to purchase equipment, the equipment will be purchased by the ESMBA and ownership transferred to the County Association (or Club) on payment of the last repayment instalment.  The County Association contribution will be paid to the ESMBA immediately the equipment is purchased and the loan repaid by regular monthly instalments over a maximum period of 2 years.  Repayments must be by bank standing order.


  1. Where the purpose of the loan is not for the purchase of equipment, similar repayment arrangements will be required together with a guarantee by the County Committee that the loan will be repaid.


  1. Applications must be accompanied by quotes for the equipment/work.  Three quotes will normally be required and the one offering the best value for money accepted.  If less than three quotes are provided or the best value quote is not to be accepted then reasons must be given for wishing to use the specific supplier(s) concerned.


  1. Evidence must be provided that appropriate insurance arrangements exist to cover the equipment purchased under the scheme throughout the repayment period.


  1. Applications for loans must be accompanied by a copy of the County Association’s Constitution and a copy of the minutes of the appropriate Committee or other meetings at which the decision to apply for a loan was approved.


  1. A representative of the ESMBA will normally visit the applicant to ensure that suitable secure storage arrangements will exist for the equipment to be purchased or to view the proposed works which will be the subject of the loan.


  1. Applications should be made on a copy of the Application Form reproduced overleaf.  The completed form should be sent to the ESMBA General Secretary.


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