Feedback from County & Club Safeguarding/Volunteers

The Safeguarding in bowls panel are keen to support the role of both the County & Club Safeguarding Officers/Volunteers. 

Below is a link to a short survey which asks you about support you feel you need to carry out your role. 

It will only take a few minutes to complete and it will help us to look at what more can be done to support you all in this role. 

Link to the survey: 

(Note: You may have received a direct email request to complete the survey in which case there is no need to repeat it) 

Thank you


Safeguarding Officers

List of Safeguarding officers - If the Safeguarding Officers have changed in your county please notify the ESMBA via or

Safeguarding Bowls

The Bowls Development Alliance in partnership with Bowls England, English Indoor Bowling Association Ltd, English Short Mat Bowling Association, English Bowling Federation and the British Crown Green Bowling Association have developed a policy for the sport of bowls which outlines the four organisations commitment to ensuring that the sport provides a safe environment for all young people to play. The policy clearly outlines the processes that need to be gone through if a situation arises where a child may be at risk and provides advice on support that is available to you and who you may need to inform. The policy is not just aimed at those clubs with juniors it is also there for clubs that work closely with young people or adults with a disability or those young people or adults who are known to be at risk.

Safeguarding Policy

Everyone in bowls has a part to play in safeguarding young people and vulnerable adults. This policy includes guidelines for all those involved in the sport of bowls to ensure that everyone is aware of the structures and systems in place to make bowls an enjoyable and safe experience, and to respond to any concerns that may emerge.

Safeguarding Courses

To see current list of avaliable courses and to book them click explore


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