1.  Round One of each discipline will be conducted as a ”Round Robin” with each team playing against all other teams in the Group.
2.  Scoring for the “Round Robin Stage” shall be 2 points for a win and 1 point for a draw.  The final group table shall be formulated with the team with the highest number of points at the top.   In the event of two or more teams within the group being equal on points, shot difference shall be used to decide which team is placed higher in the group.   In the event of two teams still being equal on both points and shot difference the result of the game between the two teams shall decide who is placed highest and if that game should have resulted in a draw the number of ends won shall be the deciding factor.
3.  Round two onwards shall be a Knockout Competition.
4.  All players/team captains are required to report to the Organisation Desk to ‘sign in’, at least 30 minutes before the time scheduled for the commencement of the competition.
5.  All competitors are responsible for ensuring that they are aware of the scheduled start time of each game that they are due to take part in and should be aware that listed timings are only approximate and that after the first run of the mats games are expected to commence as soon as the mat becomes available.   THE ORGANISERS RESERVE THE RIGHT TO ALTER THE PLAYING TIMES IN THE PROGRAMME AND IT IS ADVISED THAT PLAYERS DO NOT LEAVE THE VENUE AT ANY TIME UNLESS IT IS AN EMERGENCY.   Players who intend to leave the arena for any period MUST ensure that the Organisers are aware of their whereabouts.
6.  All players are required to be on the allocated mat and ready to play either at the time stated for the commencement of their game or whenever the mat becomes     available for use - (N.B. - unless a player is still playing in a game on another mat).
7.  If a team does not take the mat within 10 minutes of being called to the mat, unless exceptional circumstances prevail of which the Organisers are aware (and see N.B. above), then the game will be forfeited and the following action will be taken: 



  • The 2 points for the game will be awarded to the opposition  and
  • 1 shot per end will be awarded to the opposition and
  • 1 additional point will be deducted from the teams points tally. 
  • The winner (s) will progress to the next round.
8.  If players are missing from a team then the following will apply: 
  • Singles - if the player is missing the game will be forfeited and the above will apply; 
  • Pairs - if a player is missing the game will be forfeited and the above will apply; 
  • Triples & Fours - if one player is missing the standard ESMBA Rules will apply;  
  • Triples & Fours - if two or more players are missing the game will be forfeited and the above will apply.
9.  The dress code for the Nationals is quite clear - please do not turn up in greys that are almost black or white. Shoes must also conform to the requirements of the dress code
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